Recovering from my Pink Fur Coat

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Just after the holiday, I purchased a remnant from my favorite Joann’s in Redmond. A little more than a yard of Cotton Candy Pink faux fur. I had a vision of a vest, but surprisingly I had enough for a coat. I was sure that I wouldn’t have enough to accomodate the ‘grain’ of the fur. After I smoothed out the fabric on my cutting table I realized that I could make it work with room to spare. Some creative pattern placement and a few adjustments to the style (no collar) and viola’.

My next challenge was finding a bit of fabric to line it with. Since I was housebound—no quick trip to the fabric store possible—I had to convince my son that it was in his best interest to rummage through my fabric stash for me. He pulled out my bin of “Satin/Silk/Liners” and placed it in the middle of the living room floor and said, “knock yourself out.”

I had several bits and pieces that were acceptable but my final choice was another remnant purchased years ago. The pattern was of pink, orange and lavender roses. I thought it was really sweet and would make a nice top. It really seemed innocuous enough at the time but once I got it home, well… you decide:

Satin liner fabric

My plans for a blouse were dashed and I filed it away in the bin. It was a perfect choice to line my new Cotton Candy Pink jacket. Along with the 22″ purple and gold zipper bought for a purse project that never left the ground and I was set.

Anyone who has ever worked with fur knows that it can be a messy endeavor. Messy didn’t begin to describe the state of my dinning area turned cutting table. The pink fur was flying and every effort I took to contain it seemed to be an effort in futility. It was up my nose for days.

However, once the pieces were cut and seam allowances shaved, I was well on my way to seeing this jacket take form. Being that I was still in a lot of pain and could not stand for more than about five minutes at a time I chose to hand baste all the seams before going to the machine. This was a wise choice and I’m glad my circumstances dictated it. It made everything easier, and the finished piece looks fantastic!

Some other tips for fur, set your foot pressure a little lower than normal. I set my Jenome at 2. Then I futzed with the tension a little and ended up turning it down (loosening it) a smidge to accommodate the thickness of the fabric.

Janome 6600p foot pressure adjustment set to 2 for thick fur.

Lastly, to manage the fur I used my dog’s coat rake to comb the fur away from the seams before sewing. This helped when it came to pulling out any fur that got caught up in the seam after it was sewn.

The pattern was a simple one, so it should have only taken a day at most to finish. I have made this pattern in less than a day before, so I was familiar with it. But I took my time and worked in small batches over a period of four days.

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