2020 Sewing Goals

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For a few years now I’ve completely bypassed the whole resolution situation. Not choosing to participate. After all, if I don’t resolve to do anything I can’t fail, right?! However, this year I am starting something new.

So instead of creating specific resolutions, for example: lose 20lbs, I’ve come up with a word for the year and 3 tenors (A sense, meaning or theme; a course or direction—movement) that will guide my choices throughout the year.

Word of the Year

My word for 2020 is Plenitude. Yes, it’s a word, looked it up! Additionally, the principle of plenitude asserts that the “universe contains all possible forms of existence”. The idea can be traced to back as far as Plato. So for the year I want to approach life with an attitude of abundance.

From my word of the year I’ve come up with the 3 tenors:

The first, “Be of Service”, to guide my interpersonal interactions. Not only in my personal life by in my work and public life. My goal is to approach life with more of a sense of gratitude, and abundance in my choices of how I share my time and energy in my relationships.

The second, “Quantify the energy you spend”, to guide me in the way I choose to spend my time. I find myself pursuing too many meaningless activities, never feeling like I’ve accomplished anything or spent my time well. I hope that if I enter into any task with the thought of “how does this help me reach my goal?”, I will have better luck managing my time and energy to achieve the goals that I set for myself throughout the year.

The third, “Build Wealth not Money”, to guide me in the way I manage my money and how I approach activities such as volunteering and building my business. Not focusing so much on the monetary gain but the long term gains and how it contributes to my emotional and physical “wealth” as much as to the bank account.

So you are asking, “what does this have to do with sewing?”. A solid foundation can help to guide you to better choices. I am using the work I’ve done as a ‘foundation’ and guide for more specific goal setting.

Sewing Goal 1: Sewing with a purpose

Generally, I will buy fabric without any idea of what I will be making. Possibly I’ll think, this will make a great skirt or jacket, but generally I don’t have a specific project in mind. This has lead to an overabundance (not in a good way) of fabric in my stash.

This is only 1/2 the stash.

For 2020, every project I work on will be to enhance or build my wardrobe. Any new fabric will be to supplement my current stash. For example, I had two bits of yardage and I purchased a third to complete a three piece outfit.

An example of building on my stash to create wardrobe pieces.

Sewing Goal 2: Elevate my work wardrobe.

I am lucky enough to work for a company that has no expectations for my work attire. In fact, as long as my clothes are clean and serviceable, there isn’t much I can’t get away with. I’ve gotten a little lazy in the past year and have been wearing jeans—a lot.

Sewing Goal 3: Make pieces that reflect my personal style.

I have a very eclectic sense of style which I haven’t really explored in my wardrobe. The pieces that I choose to make should reflect a bit of whimsy; with a nod to my love of Steampunk and Cosplay but staying away from costume and still be appropriate for daily wear.

So there it is, my sewing goals for 2020. Have you given any thought to your goals for the year?

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